AQA GCSE Controlled Assessment

Our courses and workshops include practical hands on sessions to help teachers deliver an exciting and effective curriculum. See it in action, try it out, take it back to school. Each GCSE Controlled Assessment course offers a solution for a range of Controlled Assessment tasks and includes a resource pack to take away so you can experience it today and teach it tomorrow.  The resources are available for reorder or to print yourself over and over again.

Our courses are delivered by Curriculum Solutions subject specialists, experienced moderators with expert knowledge of AQA GCSE Controlled Assessment.

All Curriculum Solutions course delegates receive a Controlled Assessment Task Resource Pack

Controlled Assessment Task Resource Pack
Launch booklet
A full colour project launch booklet containing the CAT context and brief and common tasks for students to complete. The booklet will kick start the design project and, when completed, each student will be well on their way to beginning their practical work. The booklet tasks include a mix of research, designing and development activities and although themselves a formulaic teacher led strategy, will engender a full range of different project / practical outcomes and allow students to respond at or beyond their own level. The launch booklet helps the teacher and class group make the difficult transition from research through designing and development to create a concise and meaningful design folder.
Scheme of work
An easy to follow staged delivery programme which is sufficiently flexible to fit any combination of timetabled lessons.
Folder content outline
An illustrative list of expected design folder pages and their content.
Progress tracker spreadsheet
An easy to use spreadsheet tracker complemented by useful attainment level descriptors to aid marking.
Progress checker
A working document to use with students to help them track their progress and make improvements.

Our courses

Each Curriculum Solutions course approaches the Controlled Assessment tasks from a different starting point.
Students will complete a range of activities to take them through investigation, initial designing and development to a point where they are able to begin making their product.

Course CS1301
starting point:


a strategy to kick start the major project by designing first

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Course CS1302
starting point:

product analysis

a strategy to kick start the major project by looking at products first

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Course CS1303
starting point:


a strategy to kick start the major project by looking at children as target users first

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