Affordable in-school support

Help your Design & Technology department interpret the changes and hit the ground running
– book in school bespoke intervention delivered by an experienced moderator and examiner:

Embed literacy, numeracy and cross curricular learning without sacrificing time spent teaching D&T
Increase engagement and progress, rigour and challenge
Encourage innovation and independence through iterative designing
Devise assessment, identify and track progress
Switch focus from material specific to a context based curriculum
Streamline the Design & Technology curriculum without cutting staffing or curriculum time
Reposition Design & Technology’s worth in the hierarchy of subjects

Nicola Deacon is a freelance consultant with extensive experience of GCSE Design & Technology gained from a career as:

Principal Examiner and senior moderator
Author – Nelson Thornes and Hodder Education
Advanced Skills Teacher
Head of Department

Bring Nicola's knowledge and experience into your DT Department, to work with your teachers,
to bring about improved success this summer for
your students.

One day in school costs just £465 plus VAT and includes a pre-visit review of your current curriculum and future curriculum planning.

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A controlled assessment health check offers a bespoke review of your centre’s controlled assessment project and marking. It will look at last year’s submission and this year’s cohort in detail to identify and put right what went wrong.

A Controlled Assessment Health Check includes:
  • Review of previous year’s submission – moderation sample, marks, moderation feedback, planning documents
  • Review of this year’s Controlled Assessment task – suitability of the project, planning the delivery, using data and progress tracking for assessment for learning
  • Review of previous year’s submission – moderation sample, marks, moderation feedback, planning documents
  • Action planning to - improve / correct problems from last year, maximise opportunities for specific students / teaching groups, identify longer term strategy changes for incremental improvements, identify further intervention which may be required

A health check can also be used to identify improvement to help good results become better – an independent eye reviewing what is there already and what resources and skills can be capitalised on to bring about further improvement.

Beginning to teach Design & Technology requires a steep learning curve, often overwhelming to a new teacher getting to grips with their new role.

A day working with a new teacher includes:
  • Understanding the GCSE exam specification and assessment
  • Planning a two year course: year 10 projects and theory teaching; Controlled Assessment Task – identify the project, planning the delivery, using data and progress tracking for assessment for learning
  • Preparing for the examination

This type of day can also be effective for established teachers and can be used to review what is already in place and how improvements can be made.

The Design & Technology curriculum is under review with a new National Curriculum placing emphasis on different knowledge and skills.
No longer being compulsory also increases pressure on making sure students choose D&T: engagement and enjoyment are more important than ever.
Ofsted want to see engagement, independence and rapid progress for all learners in the D&T classroom, often difficult to achieve with traditional projects.

A day working in school will review the current Design & Technology offer and identify how it might be modified or changed. Planning a new approach to teaching and learning will incorporate using data and progress tracking to embed assessment for learning and promote independent learning at all key stages. Planning will also take into count whole school initiatives and ensure lessons are able to show progress whatever the activity.
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